It's estimated that by 2022 the Cyber Security skills gap will reach over 1.8 million professionals*

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how much could you earn in cyber security?

You may pursue a cyber sec degree because you are passionate about the subject. Or, to increase your life time earning potential. Regardless, if you’ve decided to study cyber security use the slider below to see the job outlook and median salary for an Info Sec Analyst in your state.

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Top 20 cyber security schools

Find Cyber Security Schools Near You

Finding a cyber sec program is no easy task. With hundreds of schools offering programs, dozens of degree focuses and even more professional certs to study for, it pays to be prepared. Often, many students aspire to earn an Associate degree in a computer related major and then plan to continue forth on to a bachelor’s program and beyond.

There are many factors Info Sec students consider when looking into schools. Teacher attention plays a critical role in education. Cyber Sec students can research which schools have the lowest student / teacher ratio. The lower the ratio, the more available professors can be to attend to student needs. That means office hours and guidance as well as classroom attention.

Student loans can haunt grads for years, even decades. So, it’s smart to find a school with low student loan averages. That could mean searching for schools that offer generous financial aid packages. Another, easier way that works is to find schools that cost less.

Grantham University
Grantham University helps students build a broad base of skills in network protocols, advanced security concepts, operating systems and system architecture.
Columbia Southern University
Columbia Southern’s cyber security programs are designed to train students in systems security analysis, intrusion detection and countermeasures.
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida Institute of Technology equips students with the advanced skills needed to stop a growing list of security risks facing corporate, government, and military institutions.
University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix offers both online and on-campus cybersecurity degree programs that align with the material on certification exams, such as Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker.

Think You’re Cut Out for Cyber security? Take This Quiz

Cyber sec is a hot topic across the globe. It seems that every day there’s a new story about a massive data breach or hacked business.  Perhaps you’re thinking about going to a cyber security school to learn how to keep those cyber threats at bay. Take the quiz below to find out if you have the qualities that lend themselves to this profession.

1. Are you passionate about computers and technology?
2. Do you think about the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem?
3. Do you listen to and understand what people say?
4. Are you able to come up with general rules from detailed information?
5. Are you good at finding hidden patterns?
6. Do you notice when problems happen?
7. Do you have attention to detail?
8. Are you adaptable to change?
9. Do you enjoy working in a team setting?
10. Are you able to quickly compare groups of letters, numbers, pictures or other things?

6 Degrees of Cyber Security

Computer forensics is a branch of digital science related to the recovery of evidence found in digital devices and storage media. These processes could be related to cybercrimes like hacking or identity theft. Computer Forensics Investigators also work with law enforcement on other types of crimes.
The healthcare system makes an appealing target for hackers. That’s because hospitals and insurers hold troves of valuable data. It’s easy for a hacker to monetize billing and insurance details. But, in fact, the biggest risks to most patients are identity theft and fraud. Such breaches can take years to remedy.
Information Security isn’t only about theft and security. Integrity’s a major principle as well. In practice this means keeping info accurate and consistent. In the current world of social media, a minor incident can escalate to major scandal with a single video. This is a perfect example of the core of Information Security.
Network Security works as a subset of Cyber Security. It’s an understatement to call Cyberspace a vast expanse. It covers most everything these days. So, it makes sense that there is a subset to it. Individual networks are one such subset. That’s what gets covered in Network Security management and degrees, this subset.
Cyber VS Information Security AND NETWORK SECURITY Information reigns king in companies these days. So, security matters more than ever. Thus, Info Sec, Cyber, and Network Sec are crucial. Hacks and breaches, can disrupt a business to its core. That’s why this trio of protection matters. It helps keep business vital world wide. In fact, […]
While there maybe no one degree required for a career in cybersecurity, organizations face challenges concerning data protection every day and need individuals skilled in cyber security to help. Some of the most coveted positions in Cyber Security demand a Bachelor’s. Which means opportunity for today’s in-the-know students.

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